Home Appliances – How Long Do They Last?

Would you like to know how long appliances like your oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer might last? How about your furnace, air conditioner, roof or the toilet in your bathroom? Every appliance and component in your home has a design life. Components like the foundation and wood frame should last for the life of your home. You will need to replace other appliances and components at some point.

The average home appliance and component design lives listed below assume that you perform recommended periodic inspection and maintenance and assume that the appliance or component is at least average quality. Components that are not properly maintained, lower quality appliances and components, and components subject to extreme conditions may not last as long as indicated. Conversely, appliances and components that are well maintained and are of higher quality may last longer. Times are in years. home appliances jayanagar

Air conditioner external condenser unit 10-15
Air handler (gas furnace/heat pump) 18-22
Clothes dryer 10-20
Clothes washing machine 8-15
Dishwashing machine 8-12
Disposal 5-12
Electrical panels and circuit breakers 35-40
Exhaust fan (bath, laundry, kitchen) 15-20
Fireplace (prefab wood burning 20-25
Garage door opener 10-15
Ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles/breakers 5-15
Gutters (aluminum) 15-25
Microwave oven (built-in) 10-15
Paint (exterior) 5-10
Plumbing pipes (galvanized) 40-60
Range, oven, surface unit 15-22
Refrigerator 15-20
Roof tiles 40-60
Roof tile underlayment (30# felt) 20-40
Roll roof covering (mineral) 7-15
Shingles (20 year) 13-18
Shingles (dimensional) 5-20
Smoke alarms 10-12
Toilet tank interior parts 5-8
Ventilation fan (attic) 5-10
Water heater (electric) 12-14
Water heater (gas) 11-13

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